Our two main focuses have been:

High Quality Grocery Deliveries


We purchase, disinfect, transport, distribute, and deliver HIGH QUALITY food to countless Frederick residents and immune-compromised and elderly community members. 

These provisions have included the kinds of food we would want our families to eat. Food which includes fresh & delicious produce, dairy and meats.

Would you consider partnering with us and spending what you typically spend on your weekly grocery bill with a local family in need? If so, donate here:

School Bucket Program

We are providing extra-curricular materials needed for instruction in the subjects where the families do not have resources necessary to continue learning in these content areas.

The materials include: Art, Music, Physical Education, STEM and Family Engagement items. HIGH QUALITY lessons by outstanding Frederick County teachers are also provided through our website (click LESSONS button below) that correlate directly with the contents of the School Bucket.

Looking for a great investment? Join us in investing in the lives of our community’s most valuable resource: Our children! Donate using the button below:

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Our goal is to IMPACT 18,000 youth in Frederick County, Maryland through the distribution of 9,000 School Buckets. Each School Bucket has a blend of Art, Music, Physical Education, STEM, and Family Engagement activities as well as some accompanying supplemental packets. In addition, the educational use of the materials is integrated into an online lesson framework.

The total cost of the School Bucket Program will be $500,000.

The contents of the School Buckets have a retail value of $99 each. We have been able to cut the cost by purchasing the items wholesale, thereby stretching donated dollars.

A donation of $55.00 can supply a family with a School Bucket, they then have the tools to participate with the on-line lessons. See lessons here.


In our diverse community, some can only contribute towards a portion of the cost of a bucket. Others can contribute towards hundreds & even thousands of buckets. WHATEVER you can contribute today will have a lasting impact on the lives of the children of Frederick for years to come.

We are grateful for your partnership! We’d especially like to thank the AMAZING local foundations who have already recognized the importance and value of this School Bucket program and have invested in the School Bucket Program which has already served over 500 Frederick families and impacted over 1,000 local youth.

THANK YOU to our Community Alliances:

Delaplaine Foundation

Community Foundation

Ausherman Foundation

United Way of Frederick County

Other contributing partners & volunteers with the School Bucket Program and High Quality Grocery Deliveries are:

Trinity United Methodist Church   |   Crossed Bridges   |   Strong Tower Christian Church   |   Difference Makers   |   Damascus Road Community Church   |   Waterboyz for Jesus   |   Care Portal   |   El Shaddai Congregation   |   Grace Community Church   |   New Design Church   |   Jackson Chapel United Methodist Church   |   Harvest Christian Fellowship   |   Brook Hill United Methodist Church   |   Deep Waters Tabernacle   |   Christ Church of Mt. Airy   |   Angel Lily Foundation   |   Starbucks Urbana   |   Dairy Maid   |   Food Pro   |   Bimbo Bakeries   |   Dr. Menocal Family Practice   |   Project Linus   |   Anne Arundel County Food Bank   |   Lucy’s Consignments   |   Dancing Bear Toys   |   Curious Iguana   |   Waterboyz   |   Music by Lichtenberger’s   |   Art with Pres   |   PE with Basford   |   Harmonica Bill   |   Downtown Christian Fellowship   |   Victory Christian Center   |   Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick

Want to Volunteer?

Please contact Aaron Vetter at aaron@cityyouthmatrix.com or Aje Hill at ibm.ahill@gmail.com if you are interested in a volunteer role.

We would be grateful to serve with you.




City Youth Matrix and IBM have partnered during this unprecedented time in our community.

We both passionately believe that humanity does best when people and organizations unite for a greater good. Our focus remains on the children of Frederick, MD and their families.

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Watch a video about our partnership.

Watch a video about our School Buckets.

Please post videos, educational and extracurricular links, encouraging pictures and stories from the COVID season on social media outlets. We will be transferring many of these to our website!