Camp Info

The Summer Arts Camp is a one week day camp for students in grades 3-5 that runs from 9am-2pm Monday through Thursday.  Campers are able to focus in music, dance, drama, or visual art, but they will also participate in small workshops in each of the other areas as well.  Campers participate in daily instruction through project based learning and will also attend daily performances/exhibitions by professionals. The camp concludes with a showcase for parents where students demonstrate some of what they learned during the week. 

Focus area Descriptions

The art focus provides students experience in various visual arts projects that may include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and even computer graphics.  Students are guided through the creative process as they explore the elements of art in fun and creative ways. Completed projects are displayed at the final showcase and students get to take their work home. 


The music focus provides students experience in singing, playing instruments, and writing music.  Students will learn songs in various styles, the basics of piano and keyboarding, play percussion instruments, and unlock their inner composer by writing simple songs.  Students will perform some of their selections during the final showcase.  


The drama focus provides students experience in acting and writing through small ensemble scenes, acting games, improvisation, and script development.  Students are encouraged to find their stage voice, express themselves, and create unique short scenes with given themes and characters. Students will present some of their work during the final showcase. 


The dance focus provides students experience in a variety of dance styles as well as the basics of choreography.  Students will study foundational techniques as well as many contemporary styles. Performing as a small ensemble will be a focus and students will also get the chance to create movement to short musical examples.  

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Camp Scholarships

We do not want finances to prevent students from accessing this great opportunity.  If you would like to assist other campers with their tuition costs, please click the button below.  If you are interested in receiving tuition or transportation assistance, please email